What is the Lost Will Register™

The Lost Will Register™ is a national database for lost Wills, which can be searched by anyone for free, and assists in locating a lost Will. The Lost Will Register™ is a crucial tool for legal professionals, government agencies, organizations, and the public to locate lost Wills. A systematic search, including home, bank, solicitor, and relations, is crucial. If your search is unsuccessful, your next step is to start with the Lost Will Register™. The Lost Will Register is accessible for registration and searches, aiding solicitors and family members in being notified when a Will has been found.

No hidden cost

Advertising a lost Will costs $132. If a Will is missing, handling the deceased's estate becomes costlier and time-consuming. If the last Will isn't found, it's presumed the deceased revoked it. This presumption may not reflect their true intentions. State laws distribute assets if no Will is found, potentially against the deceased's wishes under Intestacy Rules.

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