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Intestacy Rules

The Law Council of Australia

LCA is Australia's top legal body, representing the legal profession nationally and globally on federal law, courts, and justice administration. LCA strives for legal improvement and represents 65,000 lawyers through bar associations, law societies, and Law Firms Australia.

National Funeral Directors Association of Australia

NFDA members offer quality care to clients and communities, balancing traditional values with evolving funeral practices to best serve client families.

Queensland Law Society

QLS represents and supports over 9,000 legal professionals, enhances legal understanding in the community, safeguards individual rights, and promotes the benefits of solicitors. QLS aids lawyers in improving their services, ensures adherence to high professional standards, and advocates for better laws and legal access. QLS issues certificates, manages records, oversees trust accounts, and upholds public protection under the Legal Profession Act 2007 through a member-elected council.

Law Society of New South Wales

LSNSW advocates for the legal community with nearly 30,000 members. LSNSW pushes law reform through discussions with government bodies, courts, and the Attorney-General's Department. LSNSW and the Office of the Legal Services Commissioner establish and uphold professional standards, license solicitors, address complaints, and ensure ethical practice. LSNSW prioritizes public access to justice and seamless legal advice connections.

Law Institute Victoria

LIV promotes the rule of law and legal improvements for Victoria's public. With over 19,000 members, LIV shapes laws, ensures justice, and advances social welfare. LIV enhances court operations, legal education, and public confidence while maintaining a non-profit dedication to member support and community law.

Law Society of Tasmania

LST regulates Tasmania's legal profession and supports members in maintaining high practice standards. LST offers services for effective legal delivery, including education, insurance, risk management, counselling, and personal benefits. As part of the Law Council of Australia, LST backs a national legal profession, promoting competition, quality, and innovative practices.

Law Society of Western Australia

LSWA is Western Australia's leading lawyer association, a non-profit dedicated to representing members and advancing the legal profession as a respected leader in law reform, access to justice, and rule of law.

Law Society of Norther Territory

LSNT serves its members and the public by fostering fair and efficient legal services, ensuring access to justice, upholding individual rights, maintaining high professional standards, and representing the Northern Territory legal profession and its services to the community.

ACT Law Society

ACTLS's mission encompasses representing and advancing the independent legal profession in the ACT, safeguarding the public interest in the local justice system by efficiently regulating the profession according to the Legal Profession Act and the Society's Rules for Solicitors.

The Public Trustee Queensland

The Public Trustee Queensland is a self-funded statutory body under Queensland's Attorney-General, serving the state since 1916. With over 600 staff across a network of offices, it's the southern hemisphere's largest Will maker.

NSW Trustee & Guardian

Serves as an unbiased Executor, Administrator, Attorney, and Trustee for NSW residents. Offers financial management and authorizes private financial managers.

State Trustees Victoria

Since July 1, 1994, State Trustees Victoria operates as a state-owned public company under Corporations law and the Trustee Companies Act, with the State of Victoria as its sole shareholder. State Trustees offers financial and legal aid throughout individuals' lives, including Will Writing, Powers of Attorney, Executor Services, Trustee Services, and Personal Financial Administration for over 9500 Victorians facing challenges in managing their affairs due to mental illness, injury, or disability.

Public Trustees Tasmania

Established in 1915, PTT serves Tasmanians with specialized Wills, estate, and trustee services. PTT's skilled team of accountants, account managers, and legal professionals is equipped to handle any size or complexity of needs.

Public Trustee South Australia

PTSA is renowned in South Australia for its services in Will making, trustee, and estate administration, earning a reputation for trustworthiness. PTSA has grown to encompass personal financial management, investment, taxation help, and public education. As a Government Business Enterprise and part of the South Australian Attorney-General's Department, PTSA strives for ongoing improvement in serving the local community.

Public Trustee Western Australia

The Public Trustee provides diverse free and fee-based services for all Western Australians, including Will preparation and advice, Enduring Powers of Attorney (EPA) establishment and management, deceased estate administration, financial management for legally incapacitated individuals, Trustee services for minors, personal injury compensation management, Deed-appointed Trusteeship, and support for private financial administrators.

Public Trustee Northern Territory

PTNT offers estate, trustee, Will, and storage services to NT residents. It reports to the government through the Department of Justice and the Attorney General, with oversight from internal and external auditors and the Ombudsman, who can investigate and report adverse findings to Parliament. The Public Trustee follows the Public Trustee Act.

Public Trustee and Guardian ACT

PTG, an ACT Territory Authority, formed in 2016 by merging the Public Trustee and Guardianship Unit. Governed by the Public Trustee and Guardian Act 1985, PTG is the Chief Executive Officer of the Authority, delivering lasting Trustee, Guardianship, and Administration services to the ACT community.

Australian Executor Trustees Ltd

Australian Executor Trustees Ltd, a division of IOOF Holdings Limited, is a leading non-government provider of professional trustee services in Australia, overseeing over $32 billion in funds. Their comprehensive offerings encompass Wills and estate planning, executor and trustee services, philanthropic solutions, and self-managed superannuation options.

Equity Trustees Ltd

Equity Trustees Ltd, a subsidiary of EQT Holdings Limited, provides a broad spectrum of financial and fiduciary services. EQT Holdings Limited is publicly listed on the Australian Securities Exchange (ASX: EQT) and operates in Melbourne, Sydney, Brisbane, and Perth.

Perpetual Ltd

Perpetual, an ASX-listed financial services firm, has served Australians since 1886. With a focus on estate planning, trust utilization, and expert advice, Perpetual safeguards wealth and family legacies. As Australia's oldest trustee company, it has protected wealth and future generations since the late 1800s.

Tasmanian Perpetual Trustees Ltd

Founded in 1887, Tasmanian Perpetual Trustees operates under the Trustee Companies Act 1953 and is a wholly owned subsidiary of MyState Limited. It delivers Estate and Financial Planning along with Trustee services across Tasmania.