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The Lost Will Register™ is a national register of lost Wills posted by solicitors and members of the public who are registered users of the Lost Will Register™. If you have any information regarding any lost Will, please contact the person directly using the contact information provided below.

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First Name(s) Last Name Date of death(?)D-M-Y Place of birth Date of registration(?)D-M-Y Contact(?)Click View for details
Ian Bryon Sloane 20-03-2024 N/A 12-07-2024 View
Peter John Cecil Gillard 11-04-2024 N/A 12-07-2024 View
Ian Colwell 28-03-2024 N/A 11-07-2024 View
Alan Ernest George Ford 26-12-2023 N/A 10-07-2024 View
Eric James Towey 23-01-2024 N/A 10-07-2024 View
Robyn Mary Hardy 30-01-2024 N/A 03-07-2024 View
Stuart Anthony Evans 20-10-2020 N/A 03-07-2024 View
Rodney Charles Barnett 26-09-2023 N/A 19-06-2024 View
Ronald Hugh Mullington 28-01-2024 N/A 19-06-2024 View
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